Dressing my hearth for Solstice brings me cheer in an otherwise quiet year.

“Tis the season for goodwill and cheer. The wheel of the year has made its full round and I find myself decorating my hearth and home for the Solstice season. As I do, I cannot help but remember this time last year and reflect on how very strange this year has been. Yes, it has really been almost a whole year since our lives resembled any sort of “normal”.

This season of the year is a time of welcoming back the light and with it the hope of new beginnings and the promise of change. We can all use a little hope right about now.

Here are five ways to prepare for Solstice and add joy to your season, from preparing Yule feast to going a Wassailing!

Happy Solstice to you and yours!


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Writer/Speaker/Advocate, Come join me as I make a life by doing something with total love & pure soul. maryrosedentonwriter.com or maryrosedenton8@gmail.com.

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