Is It Too Late To Turn Back This Tide?

My sadness over the blaring divide in our country and maybe what I can do.

MaryRose Denton


I went into Tuesday hoping for a landslide victory. Then all would be right with the world and the last four years could be chalked up to one very bad memory. The media seemed to indicate a “blue wave” as a tangible possibility.

As the evening progressed, those hopes were quickly dashed.

Even with vice-president Biden ahead in the race to 270 electoral votes and remaining in the lead ( I know because I woke up twice during the night to check), I felt sadness.

A deep, soul sadness due to the apparent divide our country is experiencing. To me, it is a divide based on fear, racism, homophobia, and hatred.

Is it too late to turn back this tide?

I find myself falling prey to it too. I scowl at a driver in the stereotypical oversized RAM truck with a Trump/Pence bumper sticker on one end and a MAGA hat on the other, hanging from the review mirror.

I view this person as an ignorant, stupid, redneck. Maybe even a white supremacist. My jaw clenches and my eyes narrow as I brace myself against their presence.

But why?

This caricature certainly became the poster child for Trump’s base. Is it enough to despise them? Honestly, when I ask myself this question the answer is “maybe”.

I mean, aren’t they human too?

Yes, they are. But they sling rhetoric which discounts my kids and sees them as less than human, immoral, sinners, and on and on. They think nothing to bully, intimidate, and ridicule anyone different than them.

What have my kids done to deserve such hatred? Nothing, except display the courage and bravery to be themselves. You see they identify in a group known as LGBTQ+.

And somehow being yourself and loving who you love, is a threat. Since when is love a threat?

It really all stems from fear. And fear comes from ignorance. It is easy to fear something or someone you do not know.

The unknown can feel threatening. That may even be a primal instinctive reaction. We…



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